Fossify Calendar


Basic calendar app that works with your phone’s local calendars. You can schedule events, set reminders, view monthly, weekly, daily, etc., handle multiple event types, all the usual things you want to use a calendar for on your phone.

It doesn’t clutter up your schedule with ads, and it doesn’t vacuum up your personal data and send it to some online service.

If you do want to sync your calendars with other devices, you can use an app like DAVx⁵, which is how I sync with my own Nextcloud server. (Or you can leave the Google Calendar app installed, and it’ll sync your Google account’s calendars in the background while you interact with them through this app.)

The only real frustration I have is that the homescreen widget for events can’t fit much in the 2x2 space I have available for it. But that’s partly because I bumped the system font size up a notch or two.

Online at Fossify Calendar. Available from F-Droid, Google Play.