Nextcloud Calendar


This self-hosted, web-based calendar has completely replaced Google Calendar for me. It’s private, since I can run it on my own server, so I’m in control of my data. It supports everything I need it to do. And it syncs easily (using CalDAV) in both directions with just about everything I want to use it with: Thunderbird, Vivaldi, GNOME, macOS and Android (using DAVx⁵). On Android I use Fossify Calendar. (I had been using Simple Calendar, but it’s no longer usable after the app suite changed hands.)

The only platform I’ve had trouble syncing calendars with was Windows Mail and Calendar, which has been discontinued in favor of Microsoft Outlook. I haven’t tried it with Outlook, since I’d already switched to Thunderbird on Windows.

Note: Syncing with other applications is faster with an app-specific password.

Online at Nextcloud Calendar.