I used to really like Feedly. It’s web-based, so you can jump around to any desktop or laptop. I used an IFTTT app to save bookmarked posts to Pocket. And it’s got a good Android app that’s easy to use and works well. But lately they seem to have been focusing more and more on the business use cases of “keep an eye on your competitors/market/employees/latest trends/whatever” and getting pushy over their paid tiers. And they still haven’t done anything about the basic use case of downloading the RSS/Atom when there’s a connection so you can read them offline. There are plenty of places where cell service is sparse, slow or flaky, and plenty of situations (say, you’re riding a train to work) where cell data isn’t even possible, and they don’t all have wi-fi.

I’ve since switched to self-hosting NextCloud News, and syncing my subscriptions and read/unread status across mobile and desktop apps like NewsFlash.

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