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Replacing a Nosepad on Glasses Without Screws

One of the nosepads broke on my glasses, leaving a stump stuck in the clip attached to the frames. It was too short to pull out, too narrow to push out, and all the search results I found online were for clips and pads that attached with screws. These clips are attached directly to the frame, and each side is punched through to hold the pad in place.

Close-up of glasses frames with a metal clip attached, shaped like an elongated, rectangular letter C with two bumps visible on the inside.

What finally worked did involve a screwdriver, though: I took the flathead screwdriver from a glasses repair kit, slotted it into the end of the clip, and turned it to pry the two halves of the clip apart while pulling on the stump of the nosepad with the fingernails of my other thumb and forefinger until it came loose.

To attach the replacement nosepad: I pinched the the clip between the new nosepad and the box from the repair kit (though any small object with a hard flat face should do) with one hand, and did the same trick with the screwdriver until it pushed through.