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Nextcloud Needs Me To Sign In Every Time (Desktop Linux)

If you’re getting signed out of Nextcloud’s desktop sync app on Linux every time you start a new GUI session, this is probably why.

I was seeing this on an Arch Linux system (this one) when I logged into an LXQt session, but not when I logged into KDE/Plasma.

Under LXQt, I found if I closed the Nextcloud app without logging in again, unlocked KWallet manually, then re-launched Nextcloud, it found the existing login credentials from before.

I finally solved it by enabling the KWallet PAM Socket Connector (/usr/lib/pam_kwallet_init) in my LXQt Autostart settings. So it opens the wallet as I log in, and then Nextcloud finds the login tokens just fine.

Since then I’ve confirmed on an Alpine Linux system that GNOME Keyring (gnome-keyring) also works for this under LXQt. It just needs to be some keyring manager, and it has to launch first.

That said, I’ve also had the same symptoms on a Macbook, but it seems to be a different underlying issue.