Yay me. Looks like the writing-stuff-down-so-I-can-prove-I-said-it purpose of this board is coming into play sooner and more effectively than I’d thought. Not that I like the way the writers brought it about, but I’m beginning to think that to write on one of Joss’s shows, you have to take an Emotional (Manipulation) Intelligence Test. Saying any more in this vein would constitute spoilage, so I’ll just insert my little tag….

Yowza. Cordy ex machina! My other watchers’ council might be interested in how I called that. However, I did not call the memory loss, but it makes sense. Once you’ve become omniscient or damn close, and you’re getting kicked out, it’s got to be tough for even higher powers to sort out what you had in your head when you got there. Then again, it’s just as likely that they wouldn’t have wanted to–after all, she knew the rules, and she broke them, and we’ve seen in other episodes that higher powers aren’t too patient with those of non-lawful alignments. Which I maintain they should have known she was from the beginning, and planned accordingly. All their recruits can’t turn out perfectly. Something’s got to give. The suckiest situation I can envision here is that she not only has amnesia, but has the visions and is totally human again. If so, unless Charisma wants off the show, I’m guessing we’ll see a really cool quest. Heck, we may see a really cool quest in less sucky situations. We shall see.

Futures trading! I get it! ‘Course, I thought the plan was to get people sucked into so much debt they were forced to sign away either their souls or a chunk of their life’s earnings, but this is just as icky. We were speculating on who might be likely to get Angel’s future, if Wolfram & Hart had anything to say about it. Probably some John Q. Public with no more idea what was going on than your average nonexistent dog named Fluffy. (Who, by the way, I’d never heard of as a HELP! signal either.) Or possibly one of their lawyers. Though it’s interesting to speculate whether it’d be an honor or a downsizing technique.

On the character development front, I’m a little worried about Gunn. True, he’s not the most tolerant person to begin with, but he seems to be a little quick on the throat-dive. Not a good portent with the Cordy situation being what it is. I can see a bad ending if either he or Angel tries to confront the Powers over this, and I can see either of them doing it. At least Angel is demonically equipped to try.

And I hate previews that tell us absolutely NOTHING!!!!

2 thoughts on ““The House Always Wins,” except when Angel does.

  1. Preview are now pretty much teasers. But after what happened I’d settle for that even.

    I just sat on the road, watching episode time slip away. =(

    However, Gunn is a troubling character and has been since his debut. His dialog vacillates between a serious homeboy and an Oxford don, and he seems equally unable to settle on a character or an alignment.

    It’s been really weird to see Fred grow as a character and Gunn get left behind. I hope that there’s a chance for Gunn to be the “outcast” sometime this season as that’s when Angel and Wes seemed to grow the most.

    The biggest chance for Gunn to grow last season might have been in his interactions with Wesley but it was not to be. I guess just because you play Risk with someone doesn’t mean that they remain your loyal friend.

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