It still seems odd that Buffy and Angel appear to be leading up to two completely separate but both major apocalypses. We’re just a few episodes from the end of each season, and it looks like there’s no connection between the First Evil in Sunnydale and the full-up Biblical apocalypse in LA.

Or perhaps the First is doing its work to keep the slayers out of the way of the “real” apocalypse.

Then there’s the question of just who was in on this plot to bring “Jasmine” into the world. It’s implied by Skip that there was a conspiracy to set up the conditions for her arrival… but what if she is one of the Powers That Be? What if, rather than standing for good as we’ve always thought, they stand only for themselves, and pretending to be the good guys was the best way to manipulate Angel and company into doing what they needed?

Consider: the first indication of their existence came in the same 3rd-season episode of Buffy that introduced the First. They weren’t named, but it was made clear that someone had deliberately brought Angel back from the hell-dimension Buffy sent him to, and once Angel left for LA the “who” became clear. On the other hand, the Powers and First were working against each other in that episode – or at least they appeared to be.

And then there’s the question of Fred, whose trip to Pylea was mentioned by Skip as part of the plan, but who appears to have had no significant role in bringing Jasmine here. What if she was covertly added to the mix by another faction as the key to defeating her? Do the Powers even have factions?

Questions that need answers…

2 thoughts on “Interconnectedness

  1. Another thought. Whatever side Jasmine is on, she’s having all the demons dealt with. Why, if she’s evil, would she get rid of all her most obvious soldiers just to win the trust and admiration of her next flock? Possible answer: because they can see her as she is. The bowling vamps didn’t seem to be too shocked or awed. And we know not all demons are evil enough to follow her anyway, so they all have to go. Next development out of this one: Angelus. We know that in a situation of outside-imposed perfect happiness, his soul can spontaneously return (that 1st-season ep with the drugs). I’d say Jasmine’s charm aura qualifies for that designation. So, scenario: he slips, loses his soul, and can see her as she is. The happiness goes bye-bye, the soul returns, and Angel can still see the real Jasmine. Or maybe the soul doesn’t return. Angelus is such a good actor that we wouldn’t know what he was thinking till he did something like killing Fred anyway.

    Next question to be begged: what about Buffy’s apocalypse? I’m leaning toward something like the “Simpsons” Halloween show with the monkey’s paw bit, where Lisa wished for world peace and the aliens took advantage of the earth’s defenselessness. Whatever the reason is for having two hotbeds of demonic activity, an enthralled L.A. would be easy prey for the hordes under the Hellmouth.

  2. Knowing we what we know now, it’s pretty easy to see the Powers as manipluating Jasmine to her destruction. The First may have anctually been a danger.

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