4 thoughts on “The perfect title for a Buffy spinoff

  1. omg i want there to be a spinoff soooo badly!!! with eliza or
    ANY of the buffy cahracters!!! sarah is crazy to give it up!
    i no so many ppl who watch it and i want them to have a great
    and popular, crazy spinoff!! im excited to see what happens!

  2. I think a spin-off would be so cool. My idea is a hellmouth “developed” when sunnydale… moved a few feet downward. So a group of girls, that live their, that are now slayers have to defend their town. Plus the villian could be a slayer that was changed by one of those uber-vamps… like Amanda.

  3. I definately disagree that there should be a spin off. If you’ve paid any attention to the last episode of Buffy you’d knwo that al lthe girls in the world now possess the power of slayers and that’s why they’re unneeded to be born int oevery generation and all that jazz. I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer but no one will ever replace it, they can’t spin it off and they can’t recreate what Joss made. That crew and that cast, those writers and producers are the only ones to do what they’ve done and no one can measure up to it and no one should try. Things such as spin offs and some sequals are pointless this way. Live with what you’ve had because it doesn’t get better. A spinoff just wouldn’t be the same. have a nice day, ya’ll. Love you Buffy Originals!

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