As one of the many working stiffs who can access the internet from work but has to share a connection, I would like to make a request of the corporate world at large:


Everything I look at on the net while at work has to go through a server in northern CA, which doesn’t have Flash capability and probably never will, because it would be even slower if the 250 people using it were allowed to view bandwidth-hogging all-Flash sites. With the economy being what it is, bandwidth costs being what they are, and connection power needing to be split at most offices, I’m not sure any company should be upping the ante this far in the name of pretty pictures. And the defense that people can look at it at home isn’t too great, either, since DSL is out of reach of more working stiffs than web geeks want to admit, and Deity-of-Your-Choice only knows when it might creep into affordability.

So, please do what you used to do, and keep your non-Flash site online after the upgrade, instead of routing us to a page exhorting the wonders of Flash and attempting to bully us into downloading it. (Baaaa.) You’ll widen your audience with very little effort–and hey, aren’t non-Flash sites easier to maintain?

3 thoughts on “Stop flashing me

  1. even at home,if a site insists on flash,i go elsewhere.
    offer me flash and s/he’d better have speed force included.

  2. I agree with your Flash comment. I don’t use a Macromedia-supported OS on my computers at home and at work (I use FreeBSD). So until they make a player for my OS, I can’t view Flash-based web sites.

    What’s worse is that most use of Flash doesn’t even add any value to the content of the site in almost all cases.

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