The first thought I had when I saw the Weapon of Doom was, “A sundial?” Then I looked again and thought, “A gigantic jar opener?” Then Kelson said, “Hey, that’s Fray’s weapon!” and I noticed the blade. (Finally.)

So, if it’s there, and findable pretty fast (since I assume Caleb could shove, if not toss, those barrels aside pretty handily in a minute or less), why hasn’t Caleb gone down and gotten it? Why hasn’t he at least tried to wield it, even if the prophecy says he isn’t supposed to? One explanation: it has the power to hurt evil. (Yes, Great Axe of Hurt Evil (+15, +18). Moving on.) He can’t touch it without getting his First-endowed power weakened, and the First, far from being able to wield it, can’t even go near it without getting seriously damaged. More to the point, if this is the case, this thing can beat Caleb (to a bloody pulp–please!), and insofar as the First can be injured, the axe can do it. All that needs to be done is to disperse the First or break its projection mechanism.

Day 45. Would like to see Jasmine and Caleb on Celebrity Deathmatch. Apocalypse update: still coming along.

Still no Slayer army.

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