Time to introduce a new feature! I’ve been having a lot of muse attacks lately, and darn it, I can’t wait until I have a finished product to put some stuff up for feedback. I can always read aloud to Kelson, but I’d really like more than one opinion for a change. (Not a dig at Kelson–I just like to widen my audience.) So here goes.

This is a bit from the infamous original-sequence story #6 (jeez, that sounds like a menu item). I don’t consider any of it spoilerish, but in case someone does, I’ve relegated it to the next page. Leave a comment and let me know if you think I should keep it as is, change it, or toss it.


” . . . And speaking of stupid. Who did he have to sleep with to get the leadership?”

Irina snorted. “My cousin.”

The girl’s eyes widened. “I wasn’t even serious. Which one? Shina?”

“Have to be,” said Irina. “The guys have too much sense to do him.”


Like it? Loathe it? Got a tweaking suggestion? Leave me a comment.

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