We started out with the intent of not doing everything ourselves, since that way lies madness and lack of free time. Then we found out just how annoying 90% of wedding vendors are and how little patience we have with large doses of that, and switched to coordinating everything ourselves. When it became obvious that if we continued in this vein we wouldn’t be having a wedding, we sucked it up and started vendor-hunting again. Only this time, they’re twice as annoying since all of them are now programmed with the auto-repeat loop of “It’s just around the corner! You’re really cutting it close! It’s almost here! It’s really down to the wire! It’s just around the corner!” and have been for the last six months. I’m beginning to feel my eye twitch whenever someone says any of the above.

This includes my family.They’re doing another kind of flip-flop, one that goes beyond annoying into rage-inducing. I’ve received numerous offers of help from several family members and didn’t respond because I didn’t know whether we needed it at the time. They, taking that as a rejection, assumed they weren’t wanted and that everything would go to hell in a handbasket without them running the show. (This in the midst of all the dire predictions from everyone at work–but I won’t get into that.) So for months, I’ve been getting a flood of concerned emails reminding me that they’re always available, always there to help, fully willing to take on some duties, etc. I decide to take them up on that and hear nothing but agreement…….and then, when I ask them how things are going, nothing but bitching. Seems they wanted to help exactly when they asked the first time, and didn’t really mean it any time after that. And the great part is that they refuse to tell me this because they don’t want to upset me.

Ha. Ha ha. Oh yeah, this wedding is going to be fun.

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