For those who are wondering, we’re still in the process of registering. We’ve got a partial registry at Target so far, and by the end of the week, we’ll also be registered at Robinsons-May.

(It’s been kind of tricky, since we already have a lot of the things people tend to register for. You know, toasters and stuff. So we’re trying to choose things we haven’t gotten around to picking up, or things that are worth replacing with newer/better equivalents.)

We keep talking about registering at Fry’s, but we’re not sure they’d even have a wedding registry!

2 thoughts on “Registry

  1. Alas, Fry’s doesn’t have a registry program. The customer service counter at the Manhattan Beach location was blessedly free of people turning in their rentals and we got to ask the “Person In Charge.” I think they’re missing out on a great opportunity here.

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