Remember the song “How’s it Gonna Be” by Third Eye Blind? When it was new, a lot of high schools apparently chose it for the prom theme, proving that teenagers don’t actually listen to the lyrics (it’s a breakup song), which should mitigate parental concerns about explicit lyrics.

Anyway, Katie and I were talking about this the other day and started tossing around titles of songs that would be just plain wrong to play at a wedding reception.

  • You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Meat Loaf)
  • Song for the Dumped (Ben Folds)
  • Closer (Nine Inch Nails)
  • Brick (Ben Folds Five)
  • Playboy Mommy (Tori Amos)
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s (Deep Blue Something)
  • Anything But Down (Sheryl Crow)
  • Back to Good (Matchbox 20)
  • Me and a Gun (Tori Amos)
  • Anything by Liz Phair
  • Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning) (Vertical Horizon)
  • Guys Like Me (Aimee Mann)
  • Anything by Evanescence or Linkin Park
  • Melanie (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  • Almost anything by They Might Be Giants
  • Don’t Stand So Close to Me (The Police)
  • Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
  • I Touch Myself (The Divinyls)
  • Anything by Rammstein
  • Gollum’s Song
  • Anything by the Chipmunks
  • I Don’t Like Mondays (Boomtown Rats)
  • Anything by Nirvana
  • I’m So Happy I Can’t Stop Crying (Sting)
  • King of Pain (The Police)
  • I’m Still Remembering (Cranberries)
  • One More Minute (“Weird Al” Yankovic)
  • If I Were Brave (Shawn Colvin)
  • Jumper (Third Eye Blind)
  • Yesterday (The Beatles)
  • Roxanne (The Police)
  • I’ll Never Tell (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling)
  • Anything by Garbage
  • Positively Fourth Street (Bob Dylan)
  • Torn (Natalie Imbruglia)
  • Taxi (Harry Chapin)
  • The Freshmen (Verve Pipe)
  • Power of Goodbye (Madonna)
  • Waitress (Tori Amos)
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
  • Uninvited (Alanis Morissette)
  • Unsent (Alanis Morissette)

We’re not sure about The Highwayman and Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennit), since the subject matter is wrong, but they’re quiet and unobtrusive.

This is an open list – feel free to add your suggestions! The idea is not just to get something that isn’t appropriate, but something that’s especially inappropriate (breakup songs, twisted relationships, put-down songs, etc.)

109 thoughts on “Songs Not to Play at a Wedding

  1. Cigarette (Ben Folds Five). The entire song is one sentence: “Fred Jones was worn out from caring for his often screaming and crying wife during the day, but he couldn’t sleep at night for fear that she, in a stupor from the drugs that didn’t ease the pain, would set the house ablaze with a cigarette”

    • I must say that I have been an Edmonton DJ for almost 10 years and have done over 600 parties and all I can say is you just never know what people will dance to. Even though Meatloaf – Paradise by the Dashboard Light is an 8 minute song it can work for the right crowd. I have been on occasion asked for a song and thought it would never work and sure enough it does.

      Now if a song does not move people within the first minute or so I fade out and I am off to something else. Always keep an open mind and have fun doing what you do.


      Greg Pawlechko
      Puttin’ on the Hitz
      780.450.4743 – Blog

  2. How about whacking off songs?–Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes
    Or songs bordering on necrophilia?–Rest in Peace (from the Buffy Musical)

  3. Well, we had down the Divinyls for a token whack-off song. But one could also include “Longview” by Green Day, “Dancing With Myself” by Billy Idol, “Turning Japanese” by the Vapors, and “Icicle” by Tori Amos……

  4. Sounds like a whole CD for just $19.95, like Jim and Dan’s “Songs to Stalk By” compilation. It was inspired by the infamous “I’ll Be Watching You” by The Police. Thank God they didn’t try to make a profit on it.

    I didn’t classify Touch Myself as whacking off, maybe I’m being to gender specific with the term whakcing off.

    As for necrophilia, would Dead Man’s Party by Oingo Boingo count or not? It should definitely make the “Just Wrong” list.

    Whew. Your list is getting long.

    OTC, What songs do you want at your wedding? The DJ at ours positively paled when we said we wanted some fox trot because that was something we could dance to. 😉

  5. How ’bout “I Married Her Just Because She Looks Like You”
    Another one might be “She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife” — both by Lyle Lovett

  6. Maybe Flavor of the weak could also be added to your list. Just my opinion…not a good time to have a song that talks about how a guy has a different girl every day of the week. Maybe the bride could be his flavor for that day…

  7. I think ‘The Bitterest Pill’ by The Jam would go down like cabaret at a funeral…

    “In your white lace and your wedding bells
    You look the picture of contented new wealth
    But from the on-looking fool who believed your lies
    I wish this grave would open up and swallow me alive
    For the bitterest pill is hard to swallow
    The love I gave hangs in sad coloured, mocking shadows

    The bitterest pill is mine to take
    If I took if for a hundred years, I couldn’t feel anymore hate”

  8. as much as i like the song and plan on playing it at my wedding in 3 weeks…

    Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve should be on the list

  9. I Want to Break Free- Queen
    Oops I Did It Again- Britney Spears
    Can’t Touch This- MC Hammer
    Highway to Hell- AC/DC
    Smooth Criminal- Michael Jackson
    Beat It- Michael Jackson
    Hound Dog- Elvis
    American Pie- Don McLean
    It’s My Life- Bon Jovi
    You Give Love A Bad Name- Bon Jovi
    Baby Got Back- Sir Mix Alot
    The Leaving Song- AFI
    here It Comes Again- KoRn
    I’m Done- KoRn
    Play Me- KoRn
    Slob On My Knob- Three Six Mafia
    I’m An Asshole- Dennis Leary
    almost anything Monty Python
    Many Men- 50 Cent
    Move Bit*h- Ludacris, Tyrese
    Industry (remix)- Wyclef Jean
    I Want To Piss On You- Dave Chappele
    The list is HUGE for this… make a comment if you want more from me.

  10. The only appropriate They Might Be Giants song I can think of is “New York City,” one of the few happy love songs they have. It’s a cover, naturally.

  11. Eamon- Fuck It
    Frankee- Fuck You Right Back
    Lil’ Jon, Eastside Boyz- Get Low
    50 Cent- P.I.M.P.
    Lenny Kravitz- American Woman
    Steely Dan- Stuck in the Middle With You
    Steve Miller Band- The Joker

    especially the first two. Find BOTH songs, listen to them in that order (Fuck It, then Fuck You Right Back). Then, you will see my point

  12. I dj’d at a wedding a few years ago with a mate of mine and he played I Touch Myself by the divinyls. It cleared the floor in less than ten seconds!!!

  13. Elvis- Hound Dog
    Aerosmith- Dude Looks Like a Lady
    Black Eyed Peas- Let’s Get Retarded – It just seems totally inappropriate. Seems to me it would turn a wedding into a Rave-Orgie-Mosh Pit

  14. You could make a whole Expose section:

    I’ll Say Goodbye For the Two of Us
    I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
    Your Baby Never Looked Good In Blue
    What You Don’t Know
    Stop, Listen, Look & Think (Before You Make Up Your Mind to Leave)
    Let Me Down Easy
    Still Hung Up on You
    Love Don’t Hurt (Until You Fall)
    Didn’t it Hurt to Hurt Me

    And then I have two more:

    The Killers – Somebody Told Me
    The Crash Poets – Goodbye

  15. Here are a few more:
    Eve 6 – Here’s to the night
    Dave Mathews Band – Say Goodbye
    Puddle of Mudd – Control

  16. Offspring, “Self Esteem”
    Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Under the Bridge”
    Fleetwood Mac, “Silver Springs”
    Dixie Chicks, “Goodbye Earl”
    Simon and Garfunkel, “Mrs. Robinson”
    The Eagles, “Lying Eyes”
    Depeche Mode, “Blasphemous Rumours”
    REO Speedwagon, “Take It on the Run”
    Fastball, “The Way”
    Lesley Gore, “It’s My Party”
    Uncle Bonsai, “Penis Envy”
    Marvin Gaye, “I Heard It through the Grapevine”
    Paul Simon, “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover”
    Dead Can Dance, “I Am Stretched on Your Grave”
    Perhaps my favorite no-no: Soft Cell, “Sex Dwarf” – especially the dance version where it segues to a cover of “Where Did Our Love Go?”

  17. Nightwish- I Wish I Had An Angel
    Sum41- We’re All to Blame
    Rammstein- Ich Will (translation: “I Want”)
    Jimi Hendrix- Purple Haze
    Jimi Hendrix- Foxy Lady
    Ozzy Osbourne- Crazy Train
    Village People- In The Navy
    Village People- Y.M.C.A. (unless its a gay wedding)
    Weather Girls- It’s Raining Men (unless its an extremely gay wedding)
    Queen- I Want to Break Free (also, unless it’s a gay wedding)

  18. all these examples are terrible, they are just dirty songs nobody would ever think to play any of these at a wedding. a real example of a song sombody might play at a prom/wedding type thing would be “Cute with out the E.(acoustic version)” by Takeing back sunday. sounds like a slow song but the lyrics talk about catching your girlfriend cheating

  19. how about almost anything by type o negative…maybe it’s just me, but everyone i love is dead just don’t seem like the most loving song….or you could do what the best man at my cousins wedding did….first song of the evening…”better off alone”.maybe that is what all of us women think the 3 weeks before the wedding, but you don’t have to play it for the poor groom to sulk to:P. another one….my girlfriends girlfriend…hmmm…see anything wrong with tat one?

  20. Third wedding….

    Oops I did it again-Britney
    Three times a lady-Commodores
    Take time to know her-Percy Sledge
    Third Rate Romance-Sammy Kershaw
    Another bites the dust-Queen

  21. Here are some quite “wrong” songs to play at a wedding…big time…

    Cold Ethel- Alice Cooper (If you don’t know this song, which I wouldn’t see why not, its about Necrophilia)
    Die my Bride OR Grave Robbin’ USA- Murder Dolls (both self explanitory, and anything else by them is quite a bad idea)
    Bitches- ICP (lyrics include “Girl you know I love you, but now you gotta die”)
    The “I got ho’s in different area codes” song is a good example as well
    Twitch-Bif Naked (Boyfriend with terrets or something….)
    Rev-22-20 – By Maynard of Tool and A Perfect Circle from the Underworld Soundtrack (about being sexed up by a demon/vampire girl)
    The Bad Touch- Blood Hound Gang
    The Rodeo Song (Mind-refresher: “Get offstage you goddamn goof
    Y’know you piss me off, You fucking jerk,Get on my nerves
    Well here comes Johnny,With his pecker in his hand,He’s a one-ball man
    And he’s off to the rodeo”)
    Tainted Love- Soft Cell, Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Manson is right out, actually)
    Soul One- Blind Mellon (Love lost, very somber)
    Anything by Wednesday 13 especially- “Haunt me” and “I want you…dead”
    It’s me Again, Margaret- Ray Stevens (Phone Pervert)

    Oh I have many more….but I’ll stop here.

  22. “One Step Closer” by Linkin Park. On the one part where he sings, “shut up when I’m talking to you” might make some people mad. I don’t know. I was reading what all of you posted, and it’s hilarious!

  23. The Bed You Made for Me – HighwaY 101
    Last Kiss – J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers
    Laurie (Strange things Happen in this Worls) – Dickie Lee
    Why Don’t We Do It in the Road – Beatles
    White Wedding – Billy Idol
    Society’s Child – Janis Ian
    Tutti Fruitty – Little Richard
    I’ll Never Smile Again – The Ink Spots
    Pretend It’s Your First Time – Deborah Allen
    Love Hurts – Roy Orbison
    Last Chance to Turn Aroung – Gene Pitney
    24 Hours from Tulsa – Gene Pitney
    El Paso – Marty Robbins
    Go Away Little Girl – Steve Lawrence
    We Got to Get you a Woman – Todd Rundgren

  24. To The End-My Chemical Romance
    Why Don’t You Get A Job- The Offspring
    Cheating On You- Franz Ferdinand
    Black And Blue- K.O And The Knockouts

  25. A DJ I used to know played “The End” by The Doors as first song at a wedding disco.

    I kid you not! It was his idea of a laugh but didn’t go down well at all..

  26. couple of ones from my playlist:
    dixie chicks “not ready to make nice”
    madonna “sorry”
    whitesnake “here I go again on my own”
    the darkness “love is only a feeling”
    sting “if you love somebody, set them free”
    norah jones “don’t know why”
    norah jones “cold cold heart”
    the killers “mr. brighstide”
    the corrs “I never loved you anyway”
    richard marx “should’ve known better”
    gloria gaynor “I will survive”
    janis joplin “a woman left lonely”
    nirvana “where did you sleep last night”
    aerosmith “ain’t that a bitch”

    GREAT ones in spanish:
    gianmarco “te mentiria”
    paquita la del barrio “chinga tu madre inutil” (translated: fcuk you asshole)
    luis miguel “ahora te puedes marchar”
    selena “si una vez”
    camila benson “me da igual”

  27. In light of what’s been stuck in my head for the last week, I think I should nominate a few songs from Avenue Q:

    “It’s a Fine, Fine Line” (between love and a waste of your time)
    “The More You Ruv Someone” (the more you want to kill them)

    Not that anything from the show is wedding-appropriate…

  28. Just thinking that no one seemed to mention Billy Idol – White Wedding. I’m thinking that “shot gun” may refer to a bride who’s in a “family way”

  29. Lips of an Angel by Hinder-HELLO! Listen to the lyrics
    Every breath you take by The Police- Psycho Stalker song
    You make me wanna leave the one I’m with by Usher

    By the way I know people who have actually had these songs as their first dance song!

  30. better off alone – Grinspoon
    Life sentence – Epicure
    Big Mistake – Natalie Imbruglia
    Leave Me Alone – Natalie Imbruglia
    Where do i hide – Nickleback
    Still haven’t found what i’m looking for – U2

  31. I’m looking at the added songs and most wouldn’t be the type of music played at a wedding reception to begin with. Nirvana? ICP? BUT Im pretty sure one of the best dancing songs that’s probably still played at weddings but completely overlooked that hasn’t been mentioned, yet would be

    Billy Jean by Michael Jackson…

    and if you want to go back to just out and out songs bad for weddings.. regardless of genre.

    Welcome to the Jungle – Guns and Roses

  32. Vertical Horizion’s everything you want (He’s everything you want, he’s everything you need, He’s everything inside of you that you wish you could be, He says all the right things at exactly the right time,
    But he means nothing to you and you don’t know why) Really good song but not to be played @ a wedding!!!!

  33. The last song at my wedding reception was special. The DJ didn’t want to play it, but i thought the message in the lyrics was priceless…..

    Too Drunk To Fuck by the Dead Kennedeys….!

    That was 6 years ago, needless to say, i’m divorced now!

  34. “fat bottom girls” Queen
    “Good by Earl” Dixie chicks
    “Love Stinks” J geils band
    “Dirty Deeds” ac dc

  35. Highway to hell by ACDS is really the best suggestion:

    “Living easy, living free
    Season ticket on a one-way ride
    Asking nothing, leave me be”

  36. I have a good one…one that is actually played ALL the time at weddings –

    You Look Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton

    People think this is a sweet song, but it is actually about Clapton being pissed about how long it took his wife to get ready. It’s still a great love song though, I suppose.

    Another suggestion:
    Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day

    I used to jokingly tell my girlfriend this would be our wedding song. Needless to say, she left me…

  37. I can’t believe no one thought of:

    Jimmy Soul’s “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life”… (never make a pretty woman your wife, so from my personal point of view, get an ugly girl to marry you.) actually funny, but if you have a very sensitive bride, she might not see the humor.


    Dead Milkmen’s “Gonna beat my wife” (also funny)

  38. alright. it has to be said.

    “Fuck A Dog” by blink-182

    “I wanna fuck a dog in the ass”

    that’d go down well

  39. I use to banquet hall waitress, so I did weddings all the time. No one mentioned the songs that are ALWAYS played, that I assume most people hate. Namely:
    “The Electric Slide”
    “The Macarana”
    “Cha Cha Slide”
    “I Will Survive”
    “The Chicken Dance”
    “Let’s Talk About Sex”
    “Dancing Queen”

  40. What about ‘Your Beautiful’ by James Blunt? Not only is the song devastatingly annoying, its about how he will never have the girl of his dreams.

  41. My favorites are

    Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2
    Love The One You’re With – Crosby, Stills, and Nash

    If you can’t be with the one you love, honey…

  42. I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned Iron Maiden’s “Bring your daughter to the Slaughter”…. or how about “Smack my Bitch Up” by the Prodigy??

  43. Y’all are missing a classic nono wedding song, ok, maybe three or four…

    Not a Virgin
    Trigger Happy Jack (Drive By A Go-Go)
    That Day

    All by Poe

  44. Well i get married april 26 2008 and i have crossed lots of songs off my list but still think ya’ll are missing some.

    ANY ICP songs
    Any Rob Zombie songs
    ALL Manson songs

    I’m gonna miss her-brad paisly
    ol’ red-Blake Shelton
    Before he cheats- carrie underwood
    Mocho man- Village ppl

    Yes Yes i know the rodeo song by david allen cole but im a rodeo girl an i am gonna play it just to piss off my mother”

    much much more

    if you have anymore good songs for me to play email me

  45. don’t play “babe i’m gonna leave you” by Led Zeppelin. It’s by far one of their greatest songs but a bit awkward for a wedding… by the way.. it somehow slipped onto the playlist during my wedding… I think one of my old friends got his hands on my laptop and did it to mess with us. lol

  46. Bif Naked’s Tango Shoes.
    ” My new tango shoes are gonna help me dance away from you”
    enough said.

    awesome song, not quite wedding material.

  47. How about some more recent songs? (My enter key is messed so forgive me) ‘Apologize’ – Timbaland ft. OneRepublic. “I said it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late.” Great song, not the type to play at a wedding. ‘Tired Of Being Sorry’ – Enrique Iglesias. Self explanatory, but go for it, google the lyrics if you like. ‘Wake Up Call’ – Maroon 5. “6 foot tall, came without a warning so I had to SHOOT HIM DEAD.” Definitely a big no no… Almost anything Panic! At the Disco. ‘You’re So Damn Hot’ – OK Go, “You’re a bad hearted, boy trap baby doll, but you’re, you’re so damn hot.” Kay, yeah. No. ‘Liar (It Takes One To Know One)’ – Taking Back Sunday. Yeah again, just no. ‘Thnks Fr Th Mmrs (Thanks For The Memories)’ – Fall Out Boy. “Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great.” *raises an eyebrow* Shall I go there? ‘Makes Me Wonder’ – Maroon 5. “And I still don’t have a reason, and you don’t have the time. And it really makes me wonder if I ever gave a fuck about you.” even the mention of the word fuck once, yeah okay are you trying to give people a heart attack? ‘Bent’ – Matchbox Twenty. I will not go there. ‘I Don’t Love You’ – My Chemical Romance. “I don’t love you like I loved you yesterday.” Yeah, no. ‘Because I Got High’ – Afroman. BAHAHAHAH! no. As for songs you SHOULD play at a wedding: ‘For The Nights I Can’t Remember’ – Hedley. “And I do wanna love you
    (If you see me running back)
    And I do wanna try
    Because if falling for you girl is crazy
    Then I’m going out of my mind
    So hold back your tears this time.” I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but this song is just so pretty and so sweet and amazing. ‘A Million Years’ – Teddy Geiger. “If I lived for A million years I would be right there to catch your tears.” YESYESYES. ‘Back At One’ – Brian McKnight. Oh, of course. Big yes. ‘Everything’ – Michael Buble. “And I can’t believe uh, that I’m your man, and I get to kiss you baby just because I can.” a million thumbs up. ‘She Will Be Loved’ – Maroon 5. Everyone knows (Or should know) this song. It’s kind of a toss up. “I don’t mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain.” Decide for yourself.

  48. As an ex Wedding DJ, the worst record I was ever asked to play for “that special dance” was “Band Of Gold”. The song made popular in 1970 by Freda Payne. If you had only ever heard the title you may think it would be a good suggestion for a wedding song. Only if you were really thick, though, as the first line is “since you’ve been gone, all that’s left is a band of gold”. Yes, well, quite. Another record I was often asked to play was “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross. It was the song from a film of the same name, where a young couple were in a relationship, then broke up, then he burnt down her house, went mad, slept with her mum, then accidentally killed her dad all in the name of getting her back. Which didn’t actually work. I often wondered if the young couple had seen the film. Looking back, I actually more surprised that none of the brides requested Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”. I’m also wondering if it was me, or did all wedding DJ’s get asked for bizarrely unsuitable records in the late 80’s and early 90’s?

  49. bitch we got a problem -KoRn
    everything ends -slipknot
    before i forget-slipknot
    d-i-v-o-r-c-e by Tammy wynette

  50. L.A County-Lyle Lovett
    Bye Bye Bye-N’Sync
    End of the Road-Boyz II Men
    Alone-Nick Lachey
    Jimmy Gets High-Daniel Powter
    Billie Jean-Michael Jackson
    Highway To Hell-AC/DC
    Through Glass-Stone Sour
    Better Than Me-Hinder
    Seven Letters(Goodbye)-Jimmy Robbins
    The Hardest Thing-98 Degrees
    Incomplete-Backstreet Boys
    Fast As I Can-Great Big Sea
    Anything Goes-Guns ‘n Roses
    Over You-Daughtry
    All Good Things(come to an end)-Nelly Furtado
    Crazy Bitch-Buckcherry
    I Don’t Wanna Be In Love-Good Charlotte
    Crashed the Wedding-Busted
    Promiscuous-Nelly Furtado
    Pain-Three Days Grace
    I Wanna Fuck You-Akon

  51. Fuck It – Eamon= worst song to play at a wedding
    i dj weddings all the time and last week some guy requested it and forced me to play it. it got me fired.

  52. I am getting married to a Marine and a lot of Military people are going to be there. My do not play list includes any songs about the war or a soldier not comming home or 9/11 etc.
    So no Dixi chicks-Travelling Soldier
    Darryl Worley – “I Just Came Back From The War”
    -Have you forgotten
    Tim McGraw-If you are reading this
    – Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue

    And so on…

  53. hey I am trying to find out the title and singer of a song that my friend and i have heard that is so not appropriate for a wedding. it says in the song “you piss me off you fucking jerk get on my nerves. Well here comes jonny with his pecker in his hand he’s a one ball man and we’re off to the rodeo.” if any1 knows that song can u tell me who sings it and the title please! my friend and i want those as ringtones on our phones thanx.

  54. Ok, after reading all of these poost, I’m amazed nobody had mentioned, Gilbert O’Sulliva’s “Alone Again (Naturally)…

    -In a little while from now
    If I’m not feeling any less sour
    I promise myself to treat myself
    And visit a nearby tower
    And climbing to the top will throw myself off
    In an effort to make it clear to who
    Ever what it’s like when you’re shattered
    Left standing in the lurch at a church
    Where people saying: “My God, that’s tough
    She’s stood him up”
    No point in us remaining
    We may as well go home
    As I did on my own
    Alone again, naturally

  55. Inappropriate songs for weddings:

    AC/DC – I want a mistress for Christmas
    Steely Dan – Haitian Divorce
    ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace
    Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
    Theme from Jaws

  56. how about a general rule- nothing that has the words “F*ck, f*cking, b*tches and/or ho*s”
    also let’s throw out anything by Eminem, 50 cent, Lil John, Ludacris, tween pop, or (heaven forbid) Celene Dion. It’s not that I dislike Ludacris, however, my grandparents my not appreciate his … shall we say… style.

  57. Celine Dion – Think Twice
    The Police – Message In A Bottle
    James Blunt – Wisemen, You’re Beautiful
    Alanis Morissette – Precious Illusions, Hands Clean

  58. This would be a good list to Twitter. What are some other good ones?
    Anything by Slayer – not wedding apropos.
    Granted, if Slayer were played, that would be an interesting wedding to be at, to say the least!
    The same with Megadeth and Anthrax, more or less.
    “B—- in my book” by Lil Troy is probably right out.
    Also, please, for the love of all that is holy, no more “Sweet Home Alabama.” It is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most overplayed song in all human history. (Lynyrd Skynyrd weren’t from Alabama, coincidentally. All from Florida.)
    AC/DC’s “You shook me all night long” is actually a perennial favorite at weddings, however other AC/DC songs might not be the greatest to play, such as “The Jack,” “Whole Lottie Rosie” or, well, anything off of Highway to Hell. (Although that’s one of their best.)
    No Pantera – Wow, I’m saying not to play any of my favorite bands at a wedding.
    Some songs that shouldn’t be played because they SUCK:
    You’re the inspiration – Chicago. Oh, good lord, no. Peter Cetera sucked all the life out of that band after Terry Kath died. Actually, no post Terry Kath Chicago of any kind should be listened to, period, never mind at a wedding. Definitely not at a wake either, because then everyone will envy the dead.
    No U2 at ALL. Well, maybe their 80s stuff. Not necessarily that it isn’t good, just because Bono is too pretentious to be paid any attention, never mind paid any money.
    Definitely no Chris Brown, that’s for sure.
    No Pink Floyd, unless of course someone baked a certain kind of magic into the wedding cake.
    Anyone caught “celebrating good times” should be immediately ejected.

  59. I had Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do I Do It For You” at my wedding but I had to make sure I simply didn’t ask for “the theme tune to Robin Hood.” Apparently other couples in the past have made that request and have been somewhat disappointed.

    • I played Heaven by Bryan Adams at my wedding. It was a nice wedding song. A Bryan Adams song NOT to play at a wedding… Run to You.

  60. That is funny because as a joke, the last song at our wedding is Paradise By the Dashboard Light. Weddings are supposed to be fun and if you dont have a sense of humor with it, you just might have a stressful marriage. I always tease my fiance, we got out marriage license on the 3rd floor of the courthouse and when we bicker i tell him if he keeps it up i will take him to the 4th floor …where you file for divorce…its out little joke. Marriage is a serious business but if you spend your time worrying about what song should and shouldnt be played, then you are stressin yourself out. Start your marriage out to a good start, let the wedding be a party and what happens, happens, you cant control everything:) Good luck to all of the future bride and grooms, may you stay off the 4th floor of the courthouse…lol!

  61. “Love will tear us apart ” Joy Division
    “We way it used to be” Pet Shop Boys
    “Half Gifts” Cocteau Twins
    “Forever” Siouxsie and the Banshees
    “Devil wouldn’t recognize you” Madonna
    “Avec le temps” Leo Ferre
    “Book of stories” The Drums

  62. I know this is from a few years back, but I just wanted to share.

    I was maid of honour for a girl a while back, and she wanted ‘Better Man’ by Pearl Jam as the wedding song. One of the lines from the song:
    “She lies and says she’s in love with him, can’t find a better man…”
    We all thought she was settling for him, just wanting to get married, and we tried to explain what the song meant. I think she ended up going with a Bryan Adams song.

  63. I like SOME of these songs! LOL I am getting married this July and there are a couple songs I will play at my wedding just because they’re fun to dance to and people I know love to dance (i.e. Billie Jean). Then there are some songs that are just flat out inappropraite that should never be played at someone’s wedding ever like the Eamon song. Who does that??

  64. Some songs to update to it now:

    Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
    Pumped up Kicks – Foster the People (deceptively upbeat but listen to the lyrics and you’ll go ugh)

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