Finally updated to WordPress 1.2, mainly to take advantage of plugins (first new feature: related posts) and hierarchical categories.

Overall less painful than the upgrade to 1.0, but there are character encoding problems (moved from Latin-1 to UTF-8 — which is ultimately a better choice) and some odd issues with comments. Every apostrophe and quotation mark in a comment has a backslash in front of it (presumably something went wrong in the conversion and it double-escaped them), messing up both words and links. Edit 11:30 pm: I think I’ve got them all fixed now.

Edit 1:30 am: It seems the backslashes were added to posts too, it’s just that the template removed them when it displayed the page. That wasn’t the case with the RSS and Atom feeds, so I’ve gone through the last 20 posts fixing that. (It’s relatively easy: just edit the post and save it without making any changes. It’s just tedious.) I’ll work through the backlog when I have time.

I’ve also fixed a problem with the next/previous page links (supposedly a fix is available in the development version, but at this point I’d prefer to stick with full releases.)

The new tie-in to Ping-o-Matic is very nice, but I can’t get WordPress to add the trailing slash to the RSS feeds, so every site pingomatic supports now has two almost-identical URLs for this weblog. Some of them (Blogstreet and Technorati) figured out it’s the same site, but some — including and Blogshares, now list multiple profiles that will take some manual adjusting.

There’s always something.

Well, if you spot any more problems, please comment here!

One thought on “Another update

  1. OK, I found and fixed one bug in RSS feeds a few days ago, which exposed another bug in the comments feed. I was going to check the second one out this weekend, but someone beat me to it. I took 5 minutes to add the suggested fix, and if it works, this comment will show up in my newsreader!

    (In case you’re wondering, but not curious enough to follow the links: the first bug was that RSS & Atom feeds would check to see if they had changed, and issue a “304 Not Modified” response, but would then send the whole file anyway, defeating the whole purpose. I fixed that with a one-line change, then submitted a bug report (with the fix). Yesterday I noticed that someone had posted a comment, but it hadn’t shown up on the newsreader. It turns out that the comments feed was only checking to see if there were new posts, so if there was a new comment, but no new post, it would respond that there wasn’t anything new!)

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