I don’t usually post in this category, but the latest Nigerian clone to hit my inbox was worth it. It claimed to be from a British barrister, acting on behalf of a recently deceased French national, attempting to relocate funds from Saudi Arabia. The contact information was an email address as “Barrister Lindsay Smith” was currently in Ireland. I think this one’s winning the “Most Countries Invoked in a Single Spam” award so far as my inbox goes.

On a side note, the only information requested was a name, address, and phone/fax number–not a bank account or credit card or anything of the sort. Maybe the spammers are figuring that asking for financial info is rapidly becoming suicide. Or maybe they think it’ll work better if you establish a rapport first?

2 thoughts on “Ethnic Spam Stew

  1. I actually have that email too. Two other emails came before the one from Lindsay. Her email was indiatimes.com…Does she work for them?

  2. I doubt it. These people generally use fake names, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find that “Barrister Lindsay Smith” doesn’t actually exist.

    I don’t remember where I read it, but someone had a great story about baiting several of these scammers (pretending to go along with it but never giving up any money or account info) and discovering that two of the scammers he was stringing along were actually the same person!

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