I am posting this from out on our patio. We ended up getting a Netgear wireless router that has its own built-in 4-port 10/100 switch and will hook directly into our DSL connection. What does this mean?

  • It adds wireless capability.
  • It can replace our hub.
  • It can replace our router.
  • We don’t need to find any more outlets or power strips. In fact, the end result is we’ve freed up an outlet.
  • We don’t need to buy wireless cards for the computers we already have.

The AirPort Express looked nice, mainly for AirTunes, but we would have had to put it in the other room with the stereo anyway. And besides, none of Apple’s Airport stations have more than one LAN port – the assumption is you’re either going all-wireless or you’ve already got equipment for your wired systems.

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