In the immortal words of the Internet: WTF?!?

Candy meets toilet humor:

Porky Pooper jelly bean dispenser: Oinking good fun!

It’s a jelly bean dispenser, in the shape of a pig, with brown jelly beans. And from the name, you can probably guess where it dispenses them from.

The really, er, crappy part of this is that it was prominently displayed in its own case in the middle of an aisle above a shelf of Top Ramen, thereby ensuring that people will sympathize with Giles’s remark: “The picture you just painted means that I will never touch food of any kind again…”

Truly a sign of the apocalypse — or at least the decline and fall of public taste!

8 thoughts on “Officially grossed out

  1. I’d be willing to pick one up if a) I get reimbursed and b) someone else does the tasting. ‘Course if we were to open the package and test it, we’d already know what flavor it wouldn’t be: mint.


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