Thor’s Comics Column writes: There’s a Comic Book Out There for Everyone []. Given that 1.67 million people went to see the universally-panned Catwoman on its opening weekend, but only 1/4 million people bought the highest-selling comic book, clearly the issue isn’t quality. “Thor’s” theory: awareness. If more people knew comics weren’t just about superheroes, more people might buy them.

Immediately following: a list of recommended comics. Interestingly, the list includes Planetary, which I included in my own recommendations two days ago.

  • Preacher
  • Creature Tech
  • Box Office Poison
  • Planetary
  • Nocturnals
  • The Coffin
  • Scud, the Disposable Assassin
  • Terminal City
  • Selina’s Big Score
  • Human Target
  • Fortune & Glory
  • Hopeless Savages

(See the original for descriptions.)

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