Here’s another one. First the notice they sent me:

Subject: VIRUS (Worm.SomeFool.P) IN MAIL FROM YOU


Our content checker found
    virus: Worm.SomeFool.P
in your email to the following recipient:

Please check your system for viruses,
or ask your system administrator to do so.

Delivery of the email was stopped!

And now my response:

Subject: BOGUS ALERT (sent to wrong address) IN MAIL FROM YOU


My BS checker found
    bogus warning: notice sent to known-forged sender
in your email to the following recipient:

Please check your virus scanner for better notification options,
or ask your system administrator to do so.

All modern email-based viruses forge the sender address. Additionally, since your virus scanner was able to identify the specific virus, it can determine on its own that this virus always uses a forged address.

By notifying the supposed sender of a message when you know that sender is forged, you are knowingly sending virus warnings to people who are, in all likelihood, not using an infected computer. Messages like these are just noise, and the more of them that are sent, the less attention people will pay to *real* warnings. Additionally, it also runs the risk of causing unnecessary concern among the less tech-savvy (and extra calls to tech support about the nonexistant virus they fear they have).

(Feel free to re-use my response. I partially quoted myself anyway.)

I’m contemplating building a “hall of shame” and actually posting the sources of some of these. Any thoughts?

One thought on “Another bogus warning

  1. Really strange bit of spam I got today:

    Accepted V. Cakes”
    Subject: E-mail direct marketing… (once to thy remembrance, and at once charged upon thy )
    Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2004 02:08:47 -0400


    Advancement of your business by direct e-mail marketing.
    We offer e-mail mass mailing to any country.

    We guarantee professional and quick performance of the work.


    icq: 174677598

    he had us, and all believers, in view, when he put up this

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