From a recent abuse report:

Hello. The spammer below is either using your resources to send out BULK, unsolicited, S.P.A.M. or is deceptively trying to make it look as if from your server as the ISP.

I’ve seen similar wording before, mainly on reports via SpamCop, but this really made me wonder.

I know what SPAM is (processed lunch meat), and I know what spam is (unsolicited bulk mail), and while many people get them confused, this is the first time I’ve seen S.P.A.M. Obviously they meant spam, but what if it was an acronym?

So, what should S.P.A.M. stand for?

6 thoughts on “Interesting Acronym

  1. I’d heard “self-propelled advertising mail” before. Thinking about it, though, I like “stupid piece of @$$ munch” better. Or “someone’s pathetic attempt at mail,” or “sometimes porn, always meaningless,” or “scams, prescriptions and marketing,” or “$#!+ posing as mail.” More as my brain continues to work at it.

  2. Sent by perverts and morons
    Someone’s probably after money
    Spelling/punctuation all massacred
    Stops people answering mail
    Spy program/attachment mover

  3. I took this to school, and me and my friends came up with:

    Silly, Pointless Annoying Mail

    Strange People Answer Mailscams (We had a little debate on whether mailscam was one word.)

    More tommrow!

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