OK, chalk this one up in the “What the heck?” column:

The limitation of the Photon Hypothesis

According to the electromagnetic theory of light, its energy is related to the amplitude of the electric field of the electromagnetic wave, W=eE^2(where E is the amplitude). It apparently has nothing to do with the light’s circular frequency v.

To explain the photoelectric effect, Einstein put forward the photon hypothesis. His paper hypothesized light was made of quantum packets of energy called photons. Each photon carried a specific energy related to its circular frequency v, E=hv. This has nothing to do with the amplitude of the electromagnetic wave.

And so on. It triggered a number of spam tests, including forged headers, a failed SPF check, and appearances in both Razor and DCC, which means a lot of other people got the same mail. It’s plain text, no attachments, and the only link in the message is to a physics site. As near as I can tell, someone’s just randomly sending out a physics paper by email. That leads to the question: why?

2 thoughts on “Quantum Spam?

  1. there are trojens that infect the first computer. it takes a file or files from that computer. emails it too anyone in your address book and then repeats the emailing process process on the next infected comp. usually does porn this is the first i have heard of a non adult strain.

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