Or rather, Firefox 1.0.1 has been released. It fixes several bugs and security holes found in the 1.0 release, including the frame/pop-up injection and a workaround for the the IDN (internationalized domain names) spoofing flaw (which I thought I’d posted about, but can’t find).

Anyone using Firefox should upgrade. Anyone curious about Firefox should check it out.

Get Firefox!

Update: Looks like the site’s getting swamped again. You may have better luck using the Official Mozilla Bit Torrents (bittorrent.mozilla.org). And if that doesn’t work, here’s a mirror of the torrents for the English-lanugage installers:

  • Firefox 1.0.1 for Windows Torrent
  • Firefox 1.0.1 for Linux Torrent
  • Firefox 1.0.1 for Mac Torrent

Remember, always verify software you download from the net, especially if you get it from somewhere other than the official site (but even then it’s still a good idea). There’s nothing to stop someone from putting up a fake link to Firefox that actually installs something else. Mozilla has provided GPG, MD5 and SHA1 signatures at their FTP site which you can use to make sure you got the right installer.

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