Get Firefox!Well, Firefox 1.0 is taking the world by storm! So much, in fact, that the regular download sites are completely swamped. Even the FTP site has been hard to reach—I can get smaller files, but larger ones have been stopping halfway through. Update 12:00 pm: It looks like they’ve solved some of their bandwidth issues, but it’s still slow going.

If you can’t download it from the link above, I suggest using BitTorrent. Unlike downloading through the web, the more people download through BitTorrent, the faster it goes, because the bandwidth is spread around. Be sure to leave BitTorrent running when the download is done so you can help other people get it. I’ve made copies of the .torrent files for the English-language installers:

  • Firefox 1.0 for Windows Torrent
  • Firefox 1.0 for Linux Torrent
  • Firefox 1.0 for Mac Torrent

Remember, always verify software you download from the net. There’s nothing to stop someone from putting up a fake link to Firefox that actually installs something else. Mozilla has provided GPG, MD5 and SHA1 signatures at their FTP site which you can use to make sure you got the right installer.

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