At the end of a post on SSL/TLS and just how much security a “secure” site really gives you, Eric Lawrence of IEBlog posted an interesting thought:

The so-called “browser wars” have fundamentally changed. It’s no longer Microsoft vs. Mozilla vs. Opera et all. Now it’s the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys.” The “bad guys” are the phishers, malware distributors, and other miscellaneous crooks looking for a quick score at the expense of the browsing public.

We’re all in this together.

I’m not sure I agree entirely. It’s more like a second war has started, one in which former enemies are (or at least should be) allies. I do still think competition is necessary, as evidenced by Microsoft’s sudden reversal on updating IE once Firefox became popular—but more cooperation on security may be something MS/Moz/Opera/Apple should consider.

One thought on “Perspective on the browser wars

  1. Spoken like a true Microsoftie – “we’re all in this together” – HA! Hey, I tell you what – you try to see if you can kick down some of that $1B/month that MSFT is generating IN PROFIT to some of the other folks that are “in it together” with you and then I’ll get all warm and fuzzy.

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