Subject line (slightly expurgated) from a spam this morning:

Wow MILFS can f*** like mhrotefucesrk!

My first thought was, “like what?” Then I realized it was an anagram. Not unlike the naked sushi spammers, just taken a bit further to the point where it took a few seconds to realize it wasn’t just gibberish. And of course, if you think about it, the statement isn’t entirely logical.

Actually, the rest of the message is rather bizarre. I’m not sure how much I want to actually paste here, though. The footer is safe enough, if odd:

Showing us the beautiful light,
The chalice holds what quenches thirst
Not for me, while I stare at the cold moon

They missed the chance to make the last line an unsubscribe link, and the text is different in the plaintext part, so it’s clearly just random poetry bits.

The website clearly uses a wildcard name, and one of the links is to******.com (with a few extra letters)—not exactly enticing.

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