I don’t know if it was the show time we picked or just a matter of who sits where in the theater (we were about halfway back), but the largest demographic group in the audience when we watched Revenge of the Sith was not teenage boys, thirty-something men, families with kids, or twenty-something couples, though there were plenty of all of those. It was teenage girls. And they weren’t tagging along with dates or with families. They were out with their friends on a Friday night, willing to pre-order tickets and wait in line for an hour, looking for people they knew and chatting on their cell phones during the interminable bad-music-and-advertisement pre-show.

This was hardly a geek-only audience. If anything shows that a sci-fi movie has hit the mainstream, it’s the presence of thirteen-year-old girls with Hello Kitty blankets in the audience.

2 thoughts on “The Star Wars Audience

  1. Well I think It’s an awesome view especially since I went to go see that movie & Im a big FAN of Hello Kitty!!!!! That shows how much the view of the people has changed since the late 70’s. Each persona has changed through out the years for the better & what an awesome view it would have been if I were there.

  2. Perhaps it’s not that sci-fi has become so mainstream (though it probably has), but more so the fact that Hayden Christensen played Anakin. The boy has been gracing the pages of teen girly magazines for quite awhile now and the girls have developed some odd liking for him. I think he’s annoying. But I’m not thirteen either and I watch for the story, not the eye candy.

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