A thought: the original Teen Titans are beating the Justice League when it comes to passing on their super-genes. Leaving out possible-future stories and backstories, it comes down to just Aquaman of the core group, and Green Arrow as the most prominent member outside the “Big 7.”

As for the original 5 Teen Titans (now in their mid-twenties):

Speedy – now Arsenal, has a preschool-aged daughter, Lian (by way of international super-villain Cheshire).
Wonder Girl – now Troia, had a son Robert with her husband, but both were killed in a car crash.
Aqualad – now Tempest, has an infant son Cerdian with his wife Dolphin.
Kid Flash – now Flash, nearly had twins, but a villain beat his wife Linda so badly she not only miscarried, but lost the ability to have any more children. Update Nov. 2005: Time travel altered the attack, and Linda gave birth to healthy twins (who have yet to be named in print).
Robin – now Nightwing, no kids.

And of course if you do add in future stories, all five had children in Kingdom Come… who came back to visit the present-day mainstream DCU in “Who Is Troia?” in 2001.

Admittedly the mortality rate is high, but the 60% 80% birth rate certainly beats the core League’s 14%.

16 thoughts on “Super-Spawn: Titans

  1. The original Teen Titans have grown up, though. They’re now in their mid-twenties. But they’re still about a decade younger than most of the Justice League, and more of them have had children.

    I think it’s because DC has allowed time to pass for the Titans more than they have for the JLA. Superman finally got to marry Lois Lane, and they’ve replaced Green Lantern and Flash, but they’re otherwise locked in as archetypes. The Titans have grown up, taken on new identities, started families, and are now mentoring the next generation: today’s Teen Titans.

  2. True, very good point,
    Maybe DC dosen’t quite yet want to pass on the torch or responsibility from it’s A-class super-team yet. As it would perhaps remove some of the uniqueness, speciality and legend of the core memebers.

    I mean, I’m well aware that most of the JLA’ers have counter-parts in other teams or the DC universe, but (as far as I know), most of them, (or probably all of them) aren’t related by blood, so right now anyway, it’s not like they will be replaced anytime soon.

    Plus most of the JLA’ers age dosen’t really apply much, I mean Superman dosen’t really age, Wonder-Woman is more/less has longevity. Ok I don’t really know about the rest…..but DC is always recreating the history’s of the JLA, or other character’s in the DCU to make them younger, and also like your point, to make time go slower for the JLA’ers.

    The only other idea I got is that the JL would be more of a target if they had kids, even more then they are, and the original grown-up titans aren’t.
    But it’s just an idea.

  3. In “Son of the Demon,” which may or may not be in continuity currently, Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia had a son by Batman and never told him.

  4. When are you going to make a movie of the history of the Teen Titans, from begining to end.
    You would get a lot of money.
    Almost EVERYONE in the schools I go to weres a superhero sign on there shirt now in then. It would be nice to have more of a selection of superheros to choose from if people new more about ALL the superheros

    MMMMMAAAKE A MMMOOOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE 🙁

  5. WTF? You guys do realize I’m just some fan with a blog, right? I’m not even in the film industry, never mind in a position to get the movie rights to the Teen Titans.

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