8 thoughts on “Grass Under Renovation

  1. I saw the EXACT same sign and was telling my boyfriend I found it weird and he found your blog… Comforting to know I’m not the only one who thinks so…

  2. Dead grass in Irvine? Unthinkable. 😉

    The sign must be a plea, “Don’t send the Sandmen out, we’ll fix it!”

  3. Grass Under Renovation and Fleeing the United States

    The other day, Becky—my fiancee—and I were driving through the lovely, master-planned community of Irvine, California. Irvine is a weird place. Everything is just perfect in Irvine. Perfect fake blond hair. Perfect fake boobs. Perfect fake tans (it’s sunny most days). Perfect SUVs. Thousands of perfect homes that all look the same. All the perfect, little hyperactive brats gets perfect doses of psychiatric drugs from the perfect pharmacies located at any of the hundreds of millions of perfect strip malls. […]

    [ed. note: I hope you don’t mind that I trimmed the comment to an excerpt. I figure there’s no sense including the entire post in both places.]

  4. I saw the exact sign, searched the web for it since i wanted a picture, my friends would never belive me (am from England), only in Irvine would you find that, why does it have to be so perfect you have to have the need to tell people the grass is being worked on? At least even people who live in the area find it as odd as i do 😉

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