A recipe for zucchini loaf showed up in one of the spamtraps over the weekend. It was one of the few that used to be real accounts, so I first thought it was someone’s long-lost friend who had a 4-year-old email address, but I scrolled down to the bottom and there was an unsubscribe link. Possibly some recipe mailing list… but one that hasn’t sent any mail for several years? Add in the fact that the message triggered Razor and the unsubscribe link hit the Outblaze SURBL list, and it’s beginning to look more like spam…but why would a spammer just send out a recipe?

Anyway, there’s just something about the phrase, “The Zucchini Loaf recipe is not for me” that I find amusing.

One thought on “Zucchini Spam!

  1. It’s a super-secret spy code. If you include the right recipe for Swedish meatballs in your unsubscribe, they send you the password that unlocks the BANNED CD OMG and gives you access to the international database of safe houses run by food Nazis. If, on the other hand, you reply with the real recipe for SPAM(r), the entire syndicate goes into a panic and hides in a basement in New Jersey because they know someone’s on to them.

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