MirrorMask PosterThe bad news: MirrorMask is only opening in selected theaters on September 30.

The good news: Those theaters include Edwards University in Irvine. (I’m not sure where the Landmark Nuart Theater is, but it’s the only one in LA.)

According to Neil Gaiman, the amount of business it does during the first week will determine whether it gets a wider release.

With Serenity opening the same weekend, we’re going to be awfully busy…

3 thoughts on “MirrorMask, Limited

  1. I didn’t realize those were coming out the same weekend, too. They both looked interesting, but I wasn’t following them as carefully.

    Well, History of Violence can probably handle a second-week viewing. Capote is likely to stay in limited release no matter when I see it, so it gets the second-week treatment too.

    Thanks for the Nuart link. I was looking at the website, and finally remembered that we drove past it on the way back from the Troubador a few weeks ago. Of course, it was pretty late at night, I only caught a glimpse of it from the freeway on-ramp, and I had a 40-mile drive ahead of me, so it’s not terribly surprising that I forgot about it.

  2. OMG DO NOT READ MSN/SLATE’S SERENITY ARTICLE BEFORE SEEING THE MOVIE. Evil bastard copywriter didn’t mark spoilers and now I’m really mad. I say let’s lop off his hands and feet and roll him into the bog.

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