Here’s the WTF?!?!?!!!! moment of the day. Actual spam received over the weekend:

Sell Your Organs Online!

Reply to this message if your interested in selling your organs!

Seriously, what the hell?

Forget the fact that selling organs is illegal in the US. And I’m sure mailing them across state lines would be a felony. And you sure as heck can’t list them on eBay. Or Amazon—can you imagine? “15 new and used livers available.” “Customers who purchased kidneys also bought…”

9 thoughts on “Online Organleggers

  1. Where would you get a new liver, I’d like to know? Maybe they should start a “certified pre-owned” program. Or maybe they meant Hammond organs.

  2. Got one this morning titled, “Wanna sell your liver today?” Otherwise it was the same pitch, worded slightly differently.

    This one’s even more absurd than the first. You’ve got spare kidneys, lungs, and eyes. You can donate tissues from various places (bone marrow, for instance). But you’ve only got one liver. If you sell it, how the heck are you going to survive to collect on the transaction?

  3. i would sell some body parts for enough cash i think most ppl would sell most thangs for enough cash i wouldnt mind parting with a hand or an eye for enough

  4. good day and peace whith you
    i am algerien 24 years old in a good health and my blood type is b+.
    i want to sell a kidney because i need somme money.
    for all contacts send to [Ed: Email removed]

  5. im a 26 male from mexico city. I am interested in sell my kidney for $50000 u.s.d. healthywith a blood type O.We willdiscuss the details once you contacted for e mail. [Ed: email address removed]. only seriuos buyeres,please

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