Well, I see that WordPress 2.0 was released on Monday. Oddly, no fanfare from the WordPress website since last week’s release candidate. Upgrade was fairly quick and painless.

So far only three gotchas:

  1. The spell check plugin is not compatible.
  2. The new post preview, while nice, does not work with the stable release of the Permalink Redirect plugin. The test version posted in the comments seems to fix it.
  3. The old pop-up “Press it!” bookmarklet is a bit messed up. There’s a new bookmarklet that just pre-fills the regular post page, but I liked having it in a pop-up window so that I could keep the original page open for things like quoting, going back to make comments, adding it to del.icio.us, etc.

I’m trying to get used to the WYSIWYG post editor, but I suspect I may go back to textile. I’m too much of a control freak when it comes to HTML, plus this does stupid things like <span style="font-style: italic">...</span> instead of <i>...</i> or <em>...</em>. (Older versions of WordPress did similarly stupid things like always using <em>...</em> for italics—sometimes you aren’t using them for emphasis, you’re using them for, say, a book title.) Of course, what I’d really like is to use the rich text edtor for the comments. Probably only the comments. I do like being able to change the size of the entry field, though.

Update: Well, the rich editor trashed my examples. There’s no clear separation between formatted mode and HTML mode. If you type in HTML tags in formatted mode, they look like they’ll appear as text, but they actually get stored as HTML… and it even converted my italic tags to emphasis tags! Add in the fact that I can type in the HTML for a link faster than I can point-n-click, and the editor, for now, is toast.

Update 2: Bunny’s Technorati Tags only half-works. It can add tags to a post, but will lose them when you edit it. Update 2.5: Here’s the fix.

Update 3: Something Unpredictable has a list of known bugs in WP 2.0 [dead link]. Of particular interest is bug 2160 in get_post_custom_values(). Unfortunately the patch doesn’t seem to fix the tags problem. It actually makes it worse by breaking the plugin’s ability to display the tags.

Update 4: And there’s the official announcement.

To read tonight: What’s New in WordPress 2.0. And maybe I’ll finally get around to putting together a new theme sometime.

2 thoughts on “WP2

  1. 3) also breaks the Back buton in your browser; after posting it returns you to the original page, but hitting “back” plops you back into WordPress.


    I’m all for user-control of where something opens, but this is a different story (and an open-in-another window/tab loses all of the copy functionality).

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