You may recall that Burger King had a marketing tie-in with Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. You may also recall that the movie came out last May. It seems that the Dark Side continues to dominate the destiny of at least one Burger King franchise. This picture was taken today (January 1, 2006):

Half-inflated Darth Vader atop a Burger King restaurant.

OK, it may have deflated a bit, but 7-8 months is a bit long to keep an inflatable Darth Vader on your roof.

(10 points to the first person who identifies the reference in the title.)

2 thoughts on “Darth Burgers

  1. Well, no one else has picked up the gauntlet, but the title “Darth Burgers” makes me think of the cheesy Canadian kids/adolescent show “You Can’t Do that on Television”, and the diner run by a guy names “Barth”.

    On another note, the photo made me think up the caption “Ray Kroc, I am your Father”…

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