Sports bar and grill advertising 'Cinco de Drinko'

Now there’s someone who has their priorities lined up. You can tell they’ve got a deep understanding of the true meaning of the holiday. Forget all that Mexican military victory stuff—it’s all about getting drunk on tequila and cervezas.

Actually, now that I think about it, that probably is more or less how most Americans celebrate May 5. The northeast has St. Patrick’s Day. The southwest has Cinco de Mayo. Suddenly, the similarities between the Irish and Mexican flags have taken on an entirely new significance.

As for this event, I think I would’ve gone with “Drinko de Mayo.” It fits the original phrasing better. But as Katie pointed out, that sounds too much like drinking mayonnaise—not something that’s going to bring in too many customers.

6 thoughts on “Know Your Holidays

  1. heres an idea how bout making fun of Muslims instead or are you too scared? easy to pick on spics I guess,but Muslims? thats off limits huh

  2. Here’s an idea: How about realizing I was making fun of the sign and not the holiday, the nation it comes from, or the people of that nation?

    Or is a knee-jerk response all that you’re capable of?

    More to the point, WTF do Muslims have to do with this sign?

  3. Hey. Just so you know, there are a LOT of people not celebrating Cinco de Mayo today. A protest of illegal immigrants from the most beleaguered states in the nation in terms of illegals entering the country. Believe me…I find nothing to celebrate on 5 May.

  4. The sign is funny.

    Those who are not of the heritage to celebrate St. Patricks Day or Cinco de Mayo probably shouldn’t be.

    And no matter what any commentor says. It’s not being mean to point out obvious stuff you see. And well… with both those holidays it’s drinking.


  5. There are, apparently, a lot of people in the world who need to be less uptight, enough so that a significant fraction reads this website. (I didn’t even know what “spic” meant before this.)

    Anyway, ze author rocks.

  6. Well, it looks like you upset some people so I though I would throw my two cents in as well. I don’t think that you fully understant the importance of certain peoples traditions and that some of the things that you say can be construed as hurtful.

    I personally love to drinking mayonnaise and I find it insulting that you imply that this practice would hurt anyones business. Infact all of my friends and relatives also love to drinking mayonnaise, its a canadian tradition and you have no right to insult it.

    So next time maybe you should be more careful with what you say, because as you can see there are plenty of nutjobs out there just looking for something to scream about.

    By the way, the sign is friggin hilarious.

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