3 thoughts on “2 to 5

  1. ROTFL!!! Yes, not a particularly witty comment from me, but….exactly how I reacted to that picture, LOL!

  2. Oh man, Morrison must be using his powers to alter reality! Look at it! The 5… the 2…

    Oh god, it’s what Red Tornado warned us about!!!

    The 52!!!

    Speaking of, #10 was great. To bad the backups shorten the story.

  3. Ha ha! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that one!

    On the subject of the back-up story… it’s too bad it’s been pointless. I was kind of hoping for a summary of the new DCU’s history—who founded the JLA, for example (we know Wonder Woman’s back on the list, but does that mean Black Canary lost her spot, or are they willing to have two women on the “original” roster?)—not a rehash of the last 30 years’ worth of company-wide crossovers. Someone somewhere said the best part of this issue’s installment were the words, “to be concluded.”

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