Panera restaurant with a bunch of standard sheets of paper forming the giant word OPEN.

More scenes from a pandemic shutdown: Panera really wants you to know they’re open! (California is currently limiting all restaurants to take-out/delivery only as part of the attempt to limit coronavirus spread.)

They also had a sign propped up in their delivery van window pointing out that they’re selling bread, eggs and dairy — all categories that grocery stores have been facing shortages of. (Now we see the downsides of just-in-time supply chains: they don’t adjust very well to panic buying.) They are a bakery as well as a restaurant, after all, and it makes sense that they could pivot to selling ingredients.

Printed sign: Please use the other Door (with arrow). Hand written on it: To the left - yes, that one (with another arrow)

They really want to make sure you know which door to use.

The funny thing is: I still reached for this one (even if momentarily) right after taking the photo!

(Every time I go back to this restaurant I remember that I still haven’t posted this photo, and by the time I have a chance to post it, I’ve forgotten again. Well, I finally remembered!)

Edit: I should mention that the door has been broken for several months. (I took the photo at the beginning of August.) I’m surprised they haven’t fixed it.

Update (Oct. 17): The door still isn’t fixed, but someone’s added another hand-written note to it since I was last there!