[Cover for DC Fallen Angel TPB 2]All right! DC has announced that they will be releasing a second collection of Peter David and David Lopez’ Fallen Angel!

The creator-owned series lasted for 20 issues at DC before low sales finally did it in. After the cancellation, IDW approached Peter David and offered the series a new home at their company. With new artist J.K. Woodward, it’s gone on to sell quite well at IDW.

Previously, DC had only reprinted issues #1-6 in TPB form as Fallen Angel vol.1. Interestingly, they re-issued it last month to coincide with the first collection from IDW, Fallen Angel: To Serve in Heaven.

Presumably one or both books sold well enough that DC has decided it’s worth reprinting the rest of the series. According to DC’s website, volume two will go on sale in January, and will collect issues #7-12. That includes the 5-part “Down to Earth,” introducing Black Mariah, and the flashback of Lee and Juris’ first meeting in New Orleans.

4 thoughts on “DC Catches up on Fallen Angel

  1. I never got into that series. I think I gave it a flip, once or twice, but I wasn’t interested in trying to figure out if it was a character I did (Supergirl) or didn’t (some new character) care about.

    But I’m a David fan.

  2. Peter David finally explained the Supergirl/Fallen Angel connection in the intro to the first IDW book. The concept of Fallen Angel was based on plans he had for Linda Danvers after Supergirl #80. When he used the ideas in Fallen Angel, he kept her origin ambiguous, and played up the possible Supergirl connection mainly for publicity, figuring it would get more people to take a look at the book.

    He wrote that he always had a “backup” origin in mind, and decided the move to IDW was a good time to pick one and tell the story.

    I never got into Supergirl, though I read a couple of crossover issues when I was reading Young Justice. I keep meaning to pick up “Many Happy Returns,” but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  3. Hmm… I wonder if the Supergirl connection would’ve been realized, had the move to IDW not taken place.

    By the way, I’m quite fond of “Many Happy Returns.”

    I didn’t collect the book very much before that point, but I’m glad I jumped on-board when I did.

    It’s kinda hard to say why, but it’s really fun. (I’m gonna hafta come up with something more substantive, at some point, though.)

  4. Huh. I’d not heard the Official Story of the Supes/FA link. Interesting.

    Also interstingly, even though I enjoyed the original DC FA series, I’ve not been as fond of the IDW one. I don’t know if it’s all the Secrets Revealed or the painted art is distracting or what. I’m still reading (and will continue to do so — a big David fan myself), but …

    … well, I miss David’s Supergirl most of all.

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