I walked out the front door last night around 5:50 to pick up the mail, and immediately walked back in to get the camera, because this is what I saw:

Crescent moon and Venus

My parents gave me a flexible mini-tripod for Christmas, and it proved very helpful here, as there was nowhere flat where I could set the camera and still get a good view. I ended up coiling it around a stair railing, which held the camera in place long enough to get a decent exposure.

I seriously thought about pulling my SLR camera out of the closet and seeing whether I had any film for it, but ultimately decided against it.

One thought on “Crescent moon and Venus

  1. Very nice.

    I’ve considered going SLR, but I’ve got concerns about digital versus film quality (and price). Also, I’m not sure I’d be good without the “macros” that allow one-touch settings for night shots and whatnot.

    I’d love to be able to take some higher-quality photos. For now, pointing-and-shooting will have to do.

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