I just upgraded the site to WordPress 2.1. Please bear with the site as I make sure all the customizations work. (Yeah, I know, living dangerously by not waiting a few days.)

Right now the category tabs are showing all categories instead of just the top three… but only on single posts.

OK. That’s fixed. Apparently WP 2.1 removed the ability to list only the top-level categories, and caching was half-enabled. I also had to apply the fix for PHP 5.2 again. (I really figured they would have fixed that by now!)

Everything else seems to still work, except for the word stats plugin and wp-amazon plugin. Both are composing plugins, and I wasn’t really using either of them anymore.

Update Jan. 25: I also updated WP-Cache to version 2.0.22, and it doesn’t work quite right. In particular, it won’t clear the cached copy of a page after someone posts a comment. I’ve reverted the cache to 2.0.17+tweaks for now, which seems to work.

9 thoughts on “Updated to WordPress 2.1

  1. Well, that’s the price for maintaining my own server. WordPress also offers a Blogspot-style hosting service where they do all the maintenance and work out compatibility stuff themselves.

    On the plus side, running my own copy means I have a much greater ability to enhance and tweak the site.

  2. Great. Excuse me for being totally off-topic: I very much like your comment spam prevention. Where does it come from? Sorry, that wasn’t very smart. I had a look at the html source, then installed (and donated to) Spam Karma 2.2 from http://unknowngenius.com/blog/wordpress/spam-karma/

    Ahh, now I see, there might be an interoperability problem, when both WP-Cache and Spam Karma are being used at the same time. I found the quite miniscule SK2-WP-Cache-Compatibility plugin at http://privism.org/blog/archives/12 and there are some comments indicating that it works like a charm.

  3. Yep, SK2 with the plugin—and I can add to the chorus of “it works”—with Bad Behavior as a front line.

    Older versions of BB and WP-Cache needed some tweaking to work together, but current versions are compatible.

  4. Argh. I spoke too soon. WP-Cache 2.1 breaks the content-type on feeds. I think the old version did too, because I had a tweak in there which was to move ob_end_flush to just before it put together the list of headers. So I tried doing the same thing, which fixed the content-type, but that broke 304 Not Modified responses.

    I’ve reverted back to WP-Cache 2.0.17 again.

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