Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times ran an article on Justice Antonin Scalia and how his opinions may represent the majority as the Supreme Court hears cases about race, religion, abortion and campaign finance. Apparently, conservatives are really looking forward to the possibility that the court might restrict abortion, outlaw affirmative action, strike down the separation of church and state, and get rid of limits on campaign finances.

In other words, conservatives are hoping for a bunch of activist judges to legislate from the bench.

Below the second page of the article, there’s a short bit about Senator John McCain appealing to the religious right by saying he wants the court to overturn Roe vs. Wade…but that he doesn’t like judges who legislate from the bench. Sorry, Senator, you’re going to have to pick one or the other.

I liked McCain back in 2000. He seemed to be a moderate Republican with some integrity, and a more interesting person than Al Gore. Over the last year or so, he’s leaned more and more rightward. Either he’s changed his views, or is finally showing his true colors, or he’s sacrificing his integrity for power. In none of those cases would I want him as President.

6 thoughts on “I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning

  1. I think he learned a hard lesson last time out by being usurped by GWB. If he’s willing to change his entire stance, though, how different is he from the man he once despised?

  2. Yeah, McCain has been a very large disappointment to me. What profiteth it a man if he win the GOP nomination and shill off his soul?

    As to activist judges — by definition, it’s a judge who overturns laws or precedent you like. Railing against them in principle is guaranteed to lead to hypocrisy.

  3. Ah, yes, the “It’s only bad if I don’t like the result” principle. Right up there with “Freedom of speech only applies to speech I agree with.”—something else that’s far too prevalent these days.

  4. The best part is the religious right hates McCain.

    A while ago, Jon Stewart got McCain on the Daily Show. McCain had just committed to speaking at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University, after having consistently attacked Falwell’s politics in the past. On the subject of that speaking engagement, Stewart asked McCain, “Are you going to crazy base land?” and McCain replied, “I’m afraid I am.”

  5. I couldn’t agree more. I too thought highly of McCain back in 2000 but it seems sometime after his finance reform attempt he rolled over. It was as if someone took him out to the shed, spanked him silly, and then sent him back into the house with the company. Today, I don’t know what to think. Here’s hoping the debates get real and we can actually make an informed choice.

    Great post!

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