Cover for Teen Titans #47: Titans at a funeralWith current and former Teen Titans dying by the handful in DC’s big events, Infinite Crisis, World War III and Countdown, I’ve decided it’s time to take a look at the comics’ body count. Going back to the beginning of the team, which members have died? Which have come back? Here’s a list of all the dead Titans I could think of:

Character Story/Event Returned?
Terra I (Tara Markov) “The Judas Contract” sort of
Dove I (Don Hall) Crisis on Infinite Earths
Kole Crisis on Infinite Earths sort of
Aquagirl (Tula) Crisis on Infinite Earths
Robin II (Jason Todd) Batman: A Death in the Family  yes
Hawk I (Hank Hall) Armageddon 2001 / JSA
Dove II (Dawn Granger) Armageddon 2001 yes
Golden Eagle “Titans Hunt” yes
Danny Chase “Titans Hunt”
Raven “Titans Hunt” yes
Jericho “Titans Hunt” yes
Phantasm II “The Darkening”
Team Titans Zero Hour
Joto/Hotspot “Then and Now” yes
Donna Troy Graduation Day yes
Lilith/Omen Graduation Day
Pantha Infinite Crisis
Wildebeest Infinite Crisis
Bushido Infinite Crisis
Superboy (Connor Kent) Infinite Crisis
Osiris 52
Terra II World War III
Young Frankenstein World War III
Bombshell “Titans East”
Duela Dent Countdown
Impulse/Kid Flash/Flash Bart Allen Countdown
Power Boy Titans East Special


  1. The second Terra’s origins have been left ambiguous. One story says she was surgically altered to look like the original. Another says she was the original, brought back to life with amnesia
  2. Kole reappeared mysteriously in Team Titans. The book was canceled before her presence could be explained.
  3. Hawk became the villain Monarch in Armageddon 2001, then Extant for Zero Hour, and was eventually killed in JSA.
  4. Zero Hour erased all the Team Titans from the future except for Mirage, Terra, and Deathwing. (Yes, Deathwing. An evil Nightwing from the future.)
  5. In addition to the Titans killed in Infinite Crisis, three were maimed: Risk, Bumblebee, and Herald/Vox. Flash (Wally West) disappeared, and Supergirl (Linda Danvers) has been more-or-less erased from continuity—though a remarkably similar character found her way into the recent Fallen Angel story, “Predecessor.”
  6. Changeling (Beast Boy) was clinically dead (no heartbeat) at the end of New Teen Titans #10, but was revived by Amazon science before his brain activity stopped.

The Titans Tower Meeting Room was a big help in finding Titans I’d forgotten.

Update: Added a few more (thanks to the Newsarama forums)

Update (July 1): I think by now anyone likely to be reading this knows what happened in Flash: The Fastest Man Alive #13, so here’s a Flash update. blankety-blank DC

Update (April 2008): Now that The Titans #1 has confirmed which characters actually died in the Titans East Special, I’ve updated this entry with Power Boy.

7 thoughts on “Teen Titans Body Count

  1. Yes and no. Early in “Titans Hunt,” Nightwing overpowered the Wildebeest sent to capture him. He then showed up at Danny’s abduction, and faked Danny’s death so that there would be one Titan on the outside. Danny then telekinetically animated a cloak and a hockey mask as “Phantasm.”

    Danny was killed by the end of the storyline, and a new entity comprised of his spirit, Arella’s spirit, and the spirits of everyone who had died on Azarath became Phantasm. IIRC, it mostly hovered around being mysterious. Eventually, that Phantasm was killed/dissipated/something by evil Raven.

    More info at Titans Tower’s Phantasm profile.

  2. Y’know, that body count makes the whole “Justice League frowns upon young kids banding together again as the TT” meme a lot more understandable.

    On the other hand, as long as they stay away from “events,” they seem to be relativeliy safe …

  3. I got into DC late as I was always a Marvel fan. I got into Tenn Titans as a result of the cartoon. I just the last couple of hours finding out about the comic story lines of the Titans and Oh My God!!! I’m so depresed I could kill myself. Wow does it apparently suck to be a Titan. Everyones life was tragic before joining, and membership is virtually a death sentance. Please DC break the pattern, dont make it such a bad thing to be affiliated with the Titans.They deserve better. Be merciful.

  4. i just found this website and ive spent ALL day trying to fit this all in my head, and i found this place trying to find central city on a real map… well i found central city, misouri and WOW… i didn’t think that id find almost EVERYTHING about superheroes, now i am finding myself trying to figure out the flash family tree… any help you have to help me with figuring this thing out contact me at Fast Flash Fan Forever, 123may


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