This just showed up in my email from Babylon 5 Scripts:

J. Michael Straczynski with campaign sign: Londo/ G’Kar ’08: How much worse could it be?

From JMS’s Cafe Press store (the same site through which he’s selling his script books with commentary):

With the coming 2008 elections, there aren’t a lot of candidates we can agree upon. So as a public service, we are now providing a slate of candidates that will bring the country together in common cause and preserve many of this nations’ finest electoral traditions.

Slates available include Londo/G’Kar, G’Kar/Londo, and Zathras/Zathras (trained in crisis management!)

I remember having an unofficial Sheridan/Ivanova ’96 (or possibly Sheridan/Delenn) bumper sticker, but I’m fairly certain it was a homemade “Elect The Brain” (as in Pinky and the…) sticker that I actually put on my car that year.

Now if only they’d used the correct punctuation on the ’08 instead of trusting smart quotes. (That should be an apostrophe, not a left single quote.)

4 thoughts on “Londo/G’Kar in 2008!

  1. How about Ivanova – Lockley 2008?
    Two strong women, both career military,
    so they know the territory.
    Whereas Admiral Ivanova was too young
    to serve during he Earth/Minbari War and
    ensuing Battle of the Line, Admiral Ivanova
    served in the last great Shadow War and
    helped reclaim Earth after Pres. Clark
    has Luis Santiago assinated. Later Admiral
    Ivanova took over leading the Rangers when
    Pres. Sheridan left for the Rim.
    Col. Elizabeth Lockley served during the
    Earth/Minbari War, the Shadow War, and
    was influential in helping liberate Earth
    from Pres. Clark and the reign of terror
    Clark persued an an attempt to stay in power.
    Later after Sheridan & Delenn left to for
    Allienace headquarters on Minbar,
    Col. Lockley took over command of Babylon5.

    In deed Adm. Susan Ivanova & Col. Elizabeth
    Lockley are two strong women who would make for one hellava administration!!!

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