One nice thing about the DVD market is that it seems like just about every TV show imaginable has gotten released on DVD over the past few years (to the point where, in some cases, it feels like studios are scraping the bottom of the barrel). But if you look at the full list at TV Shows On DVD, the percentage of shows available is actually quite small.

Once the trend had been established, I waited years for first Babylon 5, then Animaniacs, and then The Flash to make the list. I’m still waiting for VR.5, a show from the mid-1990s that, like Firefly and Drive, got half a season on Fox and didn’t even see every episode aired. (Okay, the premise was total fantasy wrapped in a sci-fi buzzword, but the concept, characters, and storyline were interesting.)

So, what TV shows of days past are you hoping to see again? I’m mainly curious about shows that have been off the air for at least 5 years.

2 thoughts on “TV Shows that Should be on DVD

  1. Scarecrow & Mrs. King. Absolutely, positively, SMK tops my list. That and VR-5. I should go over to and see what else I have on my “want” list. When Remington Steele came out a couple years ago, I hoped that SMK wouldn’t be far behind, but so far, no sign…

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