Possibly jumping the gun, but last night I reserved a backup hotel for next year’s Comic-Con. Although considering that most of the big-name hotels right by the convention center are already booked (though I’m sure they’ve set aside blocks for the convention already) or want incredible amounts of money per night, perhaps it’s not that crazy an idea.

The price and distance are just good enough that I’d be willing to skip the insane reservation crunch when the convention block goes on sale next year, though I’ll probably give it a shot to see if I can get something closer.

Meanwhile, we’re seriously considering hitting WonderCon again next year, which will also give us another excuse to visit people up in the Bay Area. (Not that we should need an excuse, but it seems like we do.)

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2 thoughts on “Reservations

  1. Good idea. Hell and highwater this year. (Not to mention chemical freeway baths. ;p) And if GDC falls at the same time, I might just attend WonderCon again too. Smaller but still fun. 🙂

    • Yeah. And in a way, the smaller size makes WonderCon more fun. There’s less to do, but you have a better chance at getting into the stuff you want. Going by the length of the lines at autograph signings, I think I should drag a small pile of books up there.

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