It seems that Old Navy is branching out into adoption services:

“Hey, what a deal! At that price, you wanna get two?”

Of course some people go the traditional route to save money.

Sometimes, though, you just have to wonder what’s going through someone’s head when they come up with a brand name. 😯

So is Jonathan Swift the CEO?

3 thoughts on “Hey, Baby!

  1. That’s hilarious and so very.. very.. something. *laughs and shakes head*

    It really is hard to believe people don’t THINK before they name.. i.e.. remember Baby Pooh?

  2. HAHAHA. This reminds me of a martial arts school located by my university . . . the sign was just had “Kickboxing” really big on the middle, and on both sides it listed who can sign up with “women” on one side, and “kids” on the other. So the sign read “Women kickboxing kids”! Hahaha. Really, what are people thinking?

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