I’m floored.

Absolutely floored that 4-day passes for Comic-Con International 2010 have sold out.

I mean, it’s the first week of November, and the convention isn’t until next July!

Tickets with access to Wednesday’s Preview Night sold out a few weeks ago, but at the time, CCI didn’t provide any information about how many regular 4-day passes were left. This Monday, they posted a progress gauge at 70%. The last time I looked yesterday, it was up to 89%.

Today? Sold out completely.

I can’t help but think it would have taken longer if they hadn’t provided a gauge to let people know just how scarce a resource memberships were going to be. There’s nothing like the fear of a shortage to get people to run out and buy up what’s available (and create a shortage). But I also can’t complain, because without that feedback, we might have kept putting off plunking down the $200 for the two of us, and we might have missed our chance.

Single-day tickets haven’t gone on sale yet, so it’s still possible to go if you haven’t already bought your tickets. You can of course buy more than one, it just means standing in line each morning to pick up the next badge. (Even the more relaxed WonderCon, run by the same organization, doesn’t let you pick up a Sunday badge on Saturday, as we discovered last year.)

If you’re planning on going to San Diego next year, keep an eye on the website. Four-day passes went insanely quickly, and I would expect the one-day passes to do the same.

Update 2019: Seeing how surprised I was is almost nostalgic, now that the entire con sells out within minutes every year. This was the tipping point.

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4 thoughts on “Comic-Con Sellout

  1. Just a heads up, coming from someone who bought all 1 day passes last year:

    you can in fact pick up your badge for the next day during the previous day

    comic con has a time period in the evening between 4-7pm where you can pick up your next day’s badge (fridays badge on thursday, etc) and not have to worry about waiting in line in the morning.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I agree that the chart they posted helped cause panic and made the event sell out quickly. Nothing like the fear of missing out to make people reach into their pockets a little sooner then planned. Luckily myself and a friend managed to get our tickets when they went on sale but another friend will have to try and pick up single day passes.

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