A couple of days ago I clicked on the StumbleUpon toolbar and landed on this incredible photo of lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainer at APOD. It was a bit unnerving, because that picture has been my desktop wallpaper for the past year or so! Good call, though.

The Straight Dope experiments with Kahlua cupcakes to determine two questions: How much alcohol is left in each cupcake? (Not much) Can you get drunk? (Not unless you eat so many cupcakes that you’ll be sick anyway.)

Windows 7 is doing what Vista couldn’t: convincing people to replace Windows XP. The best quote in this ZDNet article: “Windows 7 is the Anti-Vista.”

2 thoughts on “Links: Cloud Caps, Kahlua Cupcakes, and the Anti-Vista

  1. Without Vista, there would have been no Windows 7. Applications were finally dragged into a world where the user didn’t have administrative rights because of Vista’s UAC, and those apps work splendidly under Windows 7. And since XP goes out of support from Microsoft April 8, 2014, businesses can now consider moving off XP. *shrug*

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