• XKCD: ( – it’s true!
  • TicketLeap dissects the technical bottleneck [archived] that caused last weekend’s Comic-Con sales meltdown. (TLDR version: Hostname lookups were turned on in the database, and it was blocking on DNS.)
  • Looking for a new business idea? Try the random start-up generator! [Edit: it’s gone, but archive.org sampled ykombinator.com 31 times, so you can still check out some of the random buzzword/gibberish mashups.]
  • Who would have thought that something called Toxic Waste Nuclear Sludge Chew Bars would be bad for you? Candy Dynamics Recalls Toxic Waste┬« brand Nuclear Sludge┬« Chew Bars (via @ThisIsTrue, originally linked to FDA recall release, link updated to point to NPR article. Apparently it was too much lead in the “hazardously sour” candy.)
  • Even NASA engineers didn’t find any electronic problems causing sudden acceleration in Toyotas. It looks like the sticky pedals and floor pads were it.

All right, all right! ) Happy now?

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