What is it about the holiday season that makes people forget how to drive, especially in parking lots? The other day, while I was trying to back out of a parking space at the grocery store, two cars independently barreled down the wrong way in a crowded one-way aisle. A third tried, but another driver’s honk made them realize they were asking for a head-on collision.

I actually shouted, “My three-year old can read those signs!”

OK, that isn’t entirely true. He’s not three yet.

But that kid can read the heck out of a “Do Not Enter” sign.

3 thoughts on “Learn to Park!

  1. This post amuses me. I am certain your three-ish year old could probably drive better than them too.

    I actually saw someone who was in so much of a hurry parked where you are suppose to return your buggies at the grocery store. Some other customers put their buggies behind the car. It was the funniest thing, especially since there was a cute little dog sitting in the driver’s seat.

    You really have to be careful this time of year with people driving like idiots.

  2. Wow. I had a similar experience that resulted in the offender taking the space from me because I wasn’t willing to drive I safely enough to stop her.

    If I had a child with me, I might have had a stronger urge to rage out, while trying to set a good example.

    I’d rather just walk from a more distant parking spot.

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